Code In The Dark

Anmälan krävs
17:00 — 23:00
@ GRO36 / Huskvarnavägen 82, 554 66 Jönköping, Sweden

Can you see in the dark?

Grace Studio and GRO36 would like to invite you all to Code in the dark JKPG, a competition unlike any other. Each contestant will face different code challenges (HTML & CSS) that they will have to solve without seeing the output. The winner is decided by the people watching! So try your best at winning the hearts of the audience, or come prepared to cast your vote — All in the dark.

Are you up for the challenge, or do you want to watch? Just use the link below and sign up and we’ll see you there!

Last day of signing up, both as a contestant or watcher, is the 16th of September

The main event might the competition, but there will be other activities during the evening as well. Come one, come all and just hang, play some VR, challenge your colleagues in a round of Mario Kart, and more!

Kommande event

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